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Agent Application Form

            By filling out this form, I agree that I have read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions
            of the Avalon Travel Independent Contractor Agreement applicable to my application.               

        I am applying as an In-house agent or as a Referral Agent .

            Today's Date: 

               First Name: 

             Middle Initial:

                Last Name:

                        Other ID (Business name, etc):




                         State:       Zip Code:


             Home Phone:     Business Phone:

           Email Address:

        If this arrangement is going to be within another business, what type of business is it?  


     Employment History last two years:  (Not necessary for Referral Agents)

     Current or last employment #1:    Period:

     Job Description #1:

     Previous employment #2:    Period:

     Job Description #2:

     Previous employment #3:    Period:

    Job Description #3:

     Previous employment #4:    Period:

    Job Description #4:

                                        Travel Agent Experience - Current or former agents.

   Number of Years as an agent:                        Type of Agent:

   What certifications do you have?:  

   What is your current job status?:  

   What is your destination or travel specialty(s)?:

   Reservation Systems Used?:  

                                                      Agent Identity Number                              

     Assign your own number!  Enter your initials ( no more than 2 ) in the first box below for the first part of your agent number and the last four digits of your phone # in the second box for the second part of your number.

                                                    Agent #:  

Press the Submit Button Below to apply.

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