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  Africa/Mid East  New page
     Africa/Mid East Suppliers

     Asia Suppliers

     Caribbean Suppliers
       Aruba    RT
       Bahamas   RT
       Barbados  RT
       British VI
       Caymans  RT   
       Dominican Republic  RT 
       Jamaica   RT 
       Puerto Rico   RT
       St Lucia   RT
       Turks and Caicos   RT
       USVI  RT 

  Central Am
     Central Am Suppliers
     Costa Rica 

     Eastern Europe Suppliers
     Western Europe Suppliers


     Mexico Suppliers

  South America
     South Am Suppliers

  South Pacific
     South Pacific Suppliers

  US Travel
     US Travel Suppliers


Agent Tools and References

Agent Contract - Senior - discontinued
Agent Contract - Associate
Agent Contract - Referral
Application -
Booking Form - accounting for all bookings and commissions.
Credit Card Authorization- a must to stay out of a jam.
Opportunity - the Atravco  programs
Profile-Heinlein - the Atravco  programs
Referral Agent Tips and Procedures
Trip Info Form- for referral agents to submit leads

American Fone - Inbound LD
American Phone Login
Areacodes.langenberg - Area codes
ATT Int'l LD Codes - LD codes
Melissa Data - Phone, zip, city
People.yahoo - People finder
Superpages - Super pages phone book
Switchboard - Reverse Phone Search
Tel3 - Outbound LD services 

Calendar 2006
Calendar 2007
Calendar 2008

World Clock - World times
Worldtimezone - Time zone maps

Foreign Entry Requirements - US State Dept
Int'l Drivers License - world wide UN drivers license
Passport Express Passport/Visa Services$ - fee based commercial service for Atravco.
  Passport Express$ - Passport Service
  Passport Express$ - Visa service
Passport Health USA - Info for shots and health services
US Customs - US gov custom info
US Passport Info - Us gov passport info
US Visa - Visa Requirements
US Birth Certificates - how to obtain new copies

Dictionary - for the tough ones
Language Translation - for phrases also
Language Dictionary - worldwide dictionary for many languages
Places Named - Places info
Travel Glossary - Words and terms in the industry.
US Chamber - Official USCC website
Vacation Glossary - Words and terms in the tour industry.

DMOZ Maps - World Map Lists
EmbassyWorld - World map listings #1 for many sites
George.Peabody.Yale - Maps
Maporama - Maps detailed for airports
Maps of the World - Specialty maps
Maxvr - Interactive maps with attractions.
MSN Maps - MSN Address Maps
Sites Atlas - #1 map site - US (road) and Int. maps (Quick ref.)

Search Engines
Google - Search Engine
MSN - Search Engine
Yahoo - Search Engine

DHL - DHL Shipping trace
Fed Ex - Fed Ex Shipping trace
UPS - UPS Shipping trace
USPS - US Postal Service rates and info

Travel Aids
Adobe PDF Reader - PDF download
Currency Conversion Calculator
Distance Calculator - as the crow flies
Western Union$ - International money services.

Travel Directories and Guides
Aardvark Travel - travel search engine
CIA - world fact book
Danex - travel links
Discover Our Town - US Travel directory
DMOZ - Major directory
Embassy world - Embassy Directory
Fieldguides - Field guides for birding
Gorp/Away - Adventure travel
ITTDB - International Travel Directory
Johnny Jet - Travel Directory
Kasbah - Travel Directory
National Geographic - 51 great places visit worldwide
Sightseeing.com - Sightseeing Directory
Tours.com - Tour Directory
Travelago.com - travel videos online
US State Department - Consular Info Sheets
US Tour Operators - Tour agency directory
World66 - destination travel guide.
World Tourism Directory - comprehensive directory
World Web - 200,000 pages - 90% English speaking countries.
Yahoo Travel Guide for hotels - Yahoo Reviews of hotels

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance$ - GIG.com
Travel Guard$ - TI via Cruise.com

Travel Warnings
CDC - International Health Warnings
Travel Safely - Health care advise for travel
US Travel Warnings - Travel warnings

Disordered.org - travelogues
Photo Net - travelogues
PTD.net - Travelogues
Rick Steves - Best know travel guide
The Travel Zine - Travelogues
Travel Library - travelogues
World Is Round

Weather - Weather.com
World Climate - All you need to know

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