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Worldwide Airline Phone Number Directory (A)

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Phone numbers and web sites for more than 600 airlines and air services.


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AirlinePhone NumberPrimary Service Areas
  Abaco Aviation Centre  242-367-2266 Bahamas - Abaco to Fl
  AAG - Associated Aircraft Group  203-790-6800 Helicopter service - NY, NE USA
  Aces Airlines (discontinued operations)  800-846-2237 SA and Caribbean
  Action Airlines  800-243-8623 US New England air charter
  Adria Airways  (386)1 3691 010 Slovenia, Europe
  Aereotuy  582 7616231 Venezuela remote destinations
  Aero California (discontinued operations)  800-237-6225 California to Mexico
  Aero Costa Rica (discontinued service)  n/a Costa Rica
  Aeroflot Russian International  888-340-6400 Russia, Intl
  Aeroe Jecutivo  800-735-5396 Brazil - air charter to Amazon
  AeroLineas Argentinas  800-333-0276 Argentina, Intl
  Aer Lingus  800-223-6537 Ireland, US, Europe
  Aero Continente (Peru)  877-482-2501 Peru, SA, to Miami
  Aero Litoral  800-800-2376 Mexico - regional
  Aero Mexico  800-237-6639 Mexico
  Aeropostal  800-237-6252 Venezuela
  Air 2000  08702-401-402 UK Charter Air for 1st Choice
  Air Alpha  800-421-9353 Greenland air charter
  Air Aruba (discontinued service)  N/A Aruba, Caribbean
  Air Atlanta Icelandic  354-515-7700 Iceland to Europe
  Air Baffin Ltd. (now Air Nunavut)  819-979-4018 Air charter - Nunavut
  Air Baltic  800-548-8181 Latvia's national airline
  Air Berlin  +49(0)1805737800 Germany - Europe
  Airborne Express  800-247-2676 Cargo - US, Intl
  Air Botswana  011267660343 Botswana national airline
  Air Caledonie Int'l  800-677-4277 New Caledonia
  Air Canada  800-869-9000 Canada, US, Europe
  Air Caraibes  590-82-47-00 French Antilles
  Air Cargo Carriers  414-482-1711 Cargo charter - US, CA, MX
  Air Charter Bahamas  866-359-4752 US - air charter to Bahamas
  Aircoastal Helicopters  561-642-6840 Florida
  Air Creebec  800-567-6567 Canada
  Air Culebra  787-268-6951 US, Puerto Rico air charter
  Air Dolomiti  800-013366 Italian regional
  Air Europa  888-238-7672 Spain - Int'l
  Air Evac Lifeteam  800-247-3822 Upper Midwest Air Ambulance
  Air Fiji  877-247-3454 Fiji, S. Pacific
  Air Foyle  816-753-3337 Antonov Air Cargo
  Air France  800-237-2747 France, US 
  Air-Hart Floatplane Tours  250-765-6699  Canada
  Air India  800-223-7776 India - Dom & Int'l
  Air Inuit  800-361-2965 Nunavik (Nouvea, Quebec)
  Air Jamaica  800-523-5585 Jamaica, Caribbean
  Air Labrador  709-896-6730 Canada
  Air Lanka  (ceased opns) Sri Lankan Airline
  Air Laurentian  800-661-0319 Canada - Ontario air charter
  Air Lib  (ceased opns) former French airline
  Air Liberte  (ceased opns) former French airline
  Air Lithuania  370 37 541010 Lithuania
  Air Littoral  (ceased opns) France - regional
  Air Madagascar  800-821-3388 Madagascar, Africa, Paris
  Air Malta  800-756-2582 Malta - Eur, ME, N. Afr.
  Air Mandalay  42-86-66-51 My anmar's dom air
  Air Marshall Islands  800-543-3898 Marshall Islands
  Air Midwest (USAir Express)   800-637-2247 US commuter for US Air
  Air Moldova (Air India)  800-223-7776 India - Dom & Int'l
  Air Molokai  808-521-0090 US - Hawaiian commuter
  Air Montreal  800-561-4270 Canadian air charter
  Air Namibia   305-492-9048 South Africa to Europe
  Air Nauru  800-677-4277 Central Pacific
  Air Negril  800-678-1300 Air charter - Jamaican cities
  Air Nevada  800-634-6377 Nevada
  Air New Zealand  800-262-2468 Dom & Int'l
  Air Niugini  675-327-3444 New Guinea to Australia
  Air Nootka  250-283-2255 Air charter - W. Canada
  Air North/Air  Nootka   800-764-0407 Yukon, Alaska
  Air Nostrum  N/A Spanish airline
  Air Nova  800-272-9662 Canada
  Air Nunavut  819-979-4018 Air charter - Nunavut
  Air One  199 20 70 80 Italy
  Air Pacific  800-227-4446 Air Pacific & Major Intl Cities
  Air Plus Comet  877-999-7587 NY charter
  Air Satellite  418 587 8923 Canada - Quebec
  Air Sedona  800-535-4448  Scenic Air Tours and Adventures, Ariz
  Air Seychelles  310-670-7302 Indian Ocean, Europe
  Air Slovakia  421 2 4342 2744 Slovakia airline
  Air South  61-8-8234-3244 Air charter Australia
  Air St Thomas  800-522-3084 US Virgin Islands
  Air Sunshine  800-435-8900 Florida airline to the Bahamas, S. FLA
  Air Tahiti-Nui  877-824-4846 Tahiti, S. Pacific
  Air Tindi  867-669-8200 CA and NW Territories
  Air Tours  0870 238 7788 Major Tour Company
  AirTran (Value Jet)  800-247-8726 US - Dom & Int'l
  Air Transat  866-847-1112 Canadian Vacation Charter 
  Air Transport Int'l  501-615-3500 US - Global passenger & cargo
  Air Ukraine  718-376-1023 Ukraine airline
  Air Vanuatu  800-677-4277 South Pacific islands
  Air Vegas Airlines  800-255-7474 Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Tours
  Air Wisconsin  920-739-5123 US Regional Wisconsin
  Air Zaire - (discontinued service)  800-442-5114 Former African airline
  Air Zimbabwe  800-228-9485 Zimbabwe national airline
  Aklak Air - (discontinued service)  867-777-3777 CA - Charter/Scheduled
  Alaska Airlines (Horizon Air)  800-426-0333 US - Northwest
  Alaska Seaplane Services  907-789-3331 Charter sight seeing in SE Alaska
  Alitalia  800-223-5730 Italy, major Intl cities
  Alkan Air  403-668-2107 US - Alaska charter and tour
  All Nippon Airways  800-235-9262 World-wide
  Allegiant Air  888-594-6937 US - Las Vegas to Midwest
  Aloha Airlines  800-227-4900 US
  Alta Flights  800-668-4766 Alberta, Canada - charter
  American Airlines  800-433-7300  US, Global
  American Eagle  800-433-7300 US
  American Trans Air (ATA)  800-435-9282 US
  America West  800-235-9292  US - western regional
  AmeriJet International  305-593-2997 Cargo - Lat Am, MX, Carib
  Ansett Airlines - Australia (disc'd)  n/a Australia
  Ansett Airlines;-New Zealand (disc'd)  n/a New Zealand
  Antigua Paradise Airways  800-299-8784 
  AOM French Airlines (discontinued)  800-892-9136 France
  Arctic Circle Air Service  888-214-2364 
  Arizona Airways  800-274-0662 
  Arizona Pacific Airlines  602-242-3629 
  Arkia Israel Airlines  800-223-7460 Israel, Intl Cities
  Armenia - (disc'd)  800-910-6688 
  Arrow Air  800-871-3370 NA/SA Cargo
  Asiana Airlines  800-227-4262 Asia, 38 Intl cities
  Aspen Helicopters  805-985-5416 Charter
  Aspen Mountain Airways (Discontinued)  n/a Denver to Dallas
  ATA  800-435-9282 US
  Atkin Air  800-924-2471 Lincoln, Ca Air Charter
  Atlantic Airlines  800-879-0000 SE USA
  Atlantic Coast Airlines (United Express)  800-241-6522 US - Services United and Delta
  Atlantic North  800-553-9021 
  Aurigny  01481 822886 UK - Channel Islands, Germany
  Austral  0810-222-86527 Argentina & Intl
  Austrian Airlines  800-843-0002 Austria-US-Europe
  Austrian Startseite  +43 (0)5 1789  Austrian regional
  Avensa  800-4-AVENSA Venezuela
  Aviaco (Iberia Air)  800-720-4642 Spain
  Avianca Airlines  800-284-2622 Columbia & Intl
  Aviateca  888-477-8222 Guatemala Central Am
  Avioimpex  800-713-2622 Quebec, CA Charter
  AVIONAIR  514-631-7500 Quebec, CA Charter

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